Vanity Fair Gives Prince William Hair

Vanity Fair Gives Prince William Hair

The royal family may look happy on the cover of Vanity Fair, but it looks like the magazine’s editor wasn’t so happy with the shot — because Vanity Fair gave Prince William a full head of hair.

During a recent trip to Australia, the Prince and his growing brood, including the Duchess of Cambridge and their now one-year-old son, Prince George, were snapped in an adorable family photo. The snap ended up as the cover of the latest edition of Vanity Fair, where the magazine noticeably managed to Photoshop some tuff on top of the Prince’s balding head.

This isn’t the first time that the royal family has had some royal retouching blunders. After the royal wedding the Duchess was printed with an impossibly tiny waist and Prince George was given rosy cheeks just weeks ago.

Despite being one of the most powerful couples in the world, it just goes to show that no one is safe in the world of Photoshop. Thankfully, Kate has managed to become a style icon. Be sure to check out all of our Duchess of Cambridge fashion looks here. 

Check out the before and after photos below:

Vanity Fair Gives Prince William Hair

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