Orlando Bloom and Justin Bieber Duke It Out In Public — Are We Over Celebrity Fist Fights Yet?


Celebrities use their fame, fortune and name to support great causes and raise awareness for those less fortunate, so why is it that when they step foot into the same nightclub or restaurant as a foe, they feel they need to start an all-out war in front of the paparazzi?

Let’s take Justin Bieber and Orlando Bloom for one second.

Late last night the pair were spotted duking it out outside of Cipriani restaurant in Ibiza. Why? Well, that was allegedly all because of a girl. Blooms ex-wife, Miranda Kerr, to be exact. (Bieber reportedly tried to woo her after a Victoria’s Secret fashion show a few years back.)

According to reports, prior to the incident, they were┬árubbing elbows with other celebs inside the restaurant. Celebs like Paris Hilton and Diddy. According to sources that saw it all go down, an altercation between the two started when the Pirates of the Caribbean star went to punch Bieber, who reportedly ducked and missed the punch. In response the Canadian crooner screamed, “What’s up bitch?”

Bieber then took to Instagram to post a picture of Bloom’s ex-wife in an orange bikini — but later deleted it.

Now obviously celebrities don’t all have to be friends with one another, but why, when cameras are looming do they feel the need to resort to violence to prove their point? Is this a case of testosterone? Is it a power trip? Or is it all of the above?

Either way, we here at Real Style Network think it needs to stop. It’s not making one look better than the other, but in fact, degrading both parties to an immature college-like level.

At least one of these guys fits that category, right?

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