Brooklyn Beckham Works At Starbucks

Brooklyn Beckham Works at Starbucks

Despite having two of the most famous parents on the planet and a budding modeling career, 15-year-old Brooklyn Beckham still manages to stay down to earth by working at Starbucks and just recently landed an internship at a film company.

According to reports, David and Victoria Beckham insist that the teen learn to live a normal life and the value of money, regardless of their financial security. This isn’t the first job that the model teen has tried out, and is all part of his parent’s plans to keep him grounded.

While he may work at Starbucks on the weekend like any teen, the internship may have come with help from his famous last name. The film company happens to be that of Guy Ritchie’s, whom the Beckham’s are close with, and is located in London, England.

While the Beckham’s may be teaching the youngster a lesson about life and money, don’t expect to run into him on the tube. The 15-year-old is still chauffeured to work in a high-end Jaguar.

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