5 Comic Book Heroes That Deserve Their Own Movie

It’s no surprise that we love seeing comic book stories such as Captain America, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and Guardians of the Galaxy (in theatres August 1) on the silver screen. While these striking superheroes are always an exciting sight in live action, and with Comic-con right around the corner we couldn’t help but think of the many lesser-known heroes who deserve their 15 minutes of fame!  Here’s our guide to five comic book heroes who should also be brought to life on screen:

wonder woman

The Wonder Woman TV series – IMDB.com

Wonder Woman: This sultry femme fatale has had her own TV show, but has been waiting for her movie spotlight for years, making her a natural top pick on our list! The legendary DC Comics superheroine is not only a feisty warrior princess, she can also wield any weapon in battle from a powerful tiara to her infamous Lasso of Truth.


Shazam! (Captain Marvel): At the command “shazam!”, this DC Comics character has the ability to transform into an incredibly strong hero who can fly. With his gleaming red and gold costume and powerful physique, and with Dwayne Johnson rumoured to play him, Captain Marvel could be the next big movie sensation.  


She-Hulk: While Jennifer Walters may be a lawyer during the day, she moonlights as the ultimate tough girl in the form of She-Hulk. The muscular green Marvel Comics superheroine was the brainchild of Stan Lee and John Buscema.Will we ever see a She-Hulk action flick hit the theatres? We can already see the trend of full-body green makeup and bulging biceps becoming a Hollywood sensation!


The Hourman: His day job might be toiling away in the lab as a busy scientist, but DC Comics character Rex Tyler is able to transform himself into a superhero for an hour at a time. Thanks to the miracle drug Miraclo, Hourman is able to fight crime and deliver justice on a powerful temporary high. It also looks like these secret powers run in the family, since Hourman passed down the torch to his son, Rick.


Doctor Fate: We’re secretly hoping that DC Comics’ Doctor Fate is fated to one day have his own action flick. As a sorcerer and an agent, Fate is a dynamo alongside his wife, Inza. When he isn’t wearing his flowing yellow cape and a gold and blue ensemble, he is also known as Kent Nelson.

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