Richard Harmon From ‘The 100’ Interview About Working With Blake Lively & His Peaceful Moments On Set

Richard Harmon

Richard Harmon is currently starring in The CW’s newest post-apocalyptic hit, The 100, which has been renewed for a second season and will have its finale tonight, June 11. Currently, Richard is filming his large supporting role in The Age Of Adaline, opposite Blake Lively and Harrison Ford. He’s previously been seen in AMC’s The Killing and A&E’s Bates Motel. Real Style recently interviewed Richard about his villainous role and working on Hollywood production of The Age Of Adaline. 

Real Style: Your character on The 100 is generally disliked; How was it playing a ‘villain’?

Richard Harmon: I love him! I don’t really see him as a villain myself though. I think he has made decisions that are very similar to some of the protagonists in the story but when you frame it a certain way, he comes out looking like the bad guy. As far as people disliking him, I’m glad to see it, in a way I suppose that is my job is to have people dislike him, every BatMan needs a Joker.

Real Style: What drew you to The 100?

Richard Harmon: The first thing that drew me to the show was that they wanted to hire me.. Past that though I really fell in love with the show, its months of running around in the woods, fighting, screaming and acting like a mad man, it’s a blast.

Real Style: How does being in a post-apocalyptic world change the way you develop your character?

Richard Harmon: For me it changes the development because every decision they make now comes from survival first and foremost, you’re always just trying to stay alive. I like it, it brings out their true colours.

Real Style: How would you survive in a post-apocalyptic society

Richard Harmon: I would be very different from Murphy, he tends to survive by cutting off ties to those around him so he really has no extra baggage, he only needs to worry about himself. I believe I would be more of a team player, try to survive within the group.

Real Style: Tell us a little about your role in Age of Adaline.

Richard Harmon: Not sure exactly how much I can tell, I’m really only in a couple scenes. I help out Blake Lively’s character.

Real Style: How was it working opposite Harrison Ford and Blake Lively?

Richard Harmon: Unfortunately I never got to meet Harrison Ford but working with Blake Lively was an absolute pleasure! Really a very sweet giving actor.

Real Style: What are your future projects?

Richard Harmon: Right now I’m doing an episode of a new show called “The Intruders” which has been very fun. Season 2 of The 100 starts filming in a month, so hopefully if I make it through the finale tonight I’ll be around for that.

Real Style: How do you choose your roles?

Richard Harmon: For the most part I just take what I can get at this point in my career but at the same time I’ve been very blessed that those have been some extremely cool shows and roles that I am very proud of. If I’m doing an indie film then I will choose carefully and I guess my thought process on those is whether or not I really am interested enough in the character to be them for however long the shoot is.

Real Style: What’s the best part of acting for you?

Richard Harmon: The best part about acting is that I have no answer for that question, there’s too many things about it that I love.

Real Style: What’s your favourite moment from on-set (any production)?

Richard Harmon: Sometimes there are moments on set when you just step back and see everything happening all at once, it makes me feel at peace. Moments like those remind me that there is nowhere on this earth that I’d rather be.

Photo credit: Kyla Hemmelgarn

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