Could Channing Tatum Win An Oscar For Foxcatcher?

channing-tatum-300Channing Tatum has been known as many things throughout his acting career, great dancer, good action hero, and even a pretty funny comedian, but one phrase that has never been considered before is possible Oscar contender.  With the release of Foxcatcher in November however all that could change.

In the movie Tatum plays real-life Olympic wrestling champ Mark Schultz whose older brother Dave was killed in 1996 by eccentric philanthropist John du Pont.  The movie is directed by award winning director Bennett Miller who has turned heads with his previous films Capote and Moneyball.  The movie did extremely well at Cannes where Miller won the best director award, and all three lead actors (Tatum, Mark Ruffalo and Steve Carell) received a lot of attention.

Channing Tatum wore a fair bit of prosthetic makeup for the role, and he recently told People Magazine that he was injured multiple times while training with real athletes for the role.  It was the injury where he slammed his head into a mirror and shattered it however that was the scariest for him.  “I missed a stud by about two inches,” he told PEOPLE. “But the cut and the blood were real.”  Filming the movie may not have been a fun experience, but he went on in the interview to say “It was grueling, and it was painful, but it was worth it.”  Check out the trailer below.

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