Canadian Reggae Band MAGIC! Interview At The 2014 MMVAs


Even though their hit song is called Rude, the band MAGIC! is anything but, as Real Style found out first hand when we met them at the 2014 MMVAs. This Canadian reggae fusion group was formed by songwriter and record producer Nasri Atweh on lead vocals and Mark Pelli, Alex Tanas and Ben Spivak. In 2013, they released their debut single, Rude that reached number two both in Australia and New Zealand and number six in Canada. They were recently number one on the US iTunes chart as well, beating out summer hit-maker Ariana Grande.

Originally from the Toronto area, they’ve certainly made a name for themselves across Canada as they head out to Quebec on June 21 as the opening band of Maroon 5 on their summer tour. But crooning rock bands aren’t their only musical friends. Nasri and Mark wrote the song Don’t Judge Me for Chris Brown. Soon after, the band we now know as MAGIC! was formed.

Take a look at Real Style’s exclusive interview with the band on the red carpet and find out about the real life experience that inspired their hit Rude:


Photo: BellMedia

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