Biggest Celebrity Family Scandals

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Sure, every family has their own share of drama, but there’s something about celebrity family fights and fallouts that are just so interesting. From jealous mothers to backstabbing brothers to money stealing fathers, the drama is never, ever boring! Check out our list of the biggest celebrity family scandals that we can’t seem to forget – even if the families involved have moved past their issues and resolved things.

Beyonce Fires Her Father

Remember in 2011 when Beyonce fired her long time manager and father Mathew Knowles? Although they both released statements saying that the decision was mutual, there were numerous rumors as to why Beyonce had given him the boot, like Beyonce’s parents getting divorced or that he had stolen money from her I Am…  World Tour. The news was shocking because her father had been her manager since her Destiny’s Child days and played an important role in her career.

Tori Spelling’s Jealous Mother

If you ever watched Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood you know that Tori Spelling’s relationship with her mother Candy, has had many ups and downs. Tori says the reason for the long-term feud is her mother’s jealousy of Tori and her strong relationship with her father. Both have been known for writing open letters and memoirs to discuss their rocky relationship – and ultimately, rock the boat once again!

Madonna’s Brother Writes A Tell-All

It’s quite normal that the personal assistant of a singer or actor would write a tell-all book describing what it’s actually like to work with them, but for your own brother to do it – and while he’s still working for you? Christopher Ciccone, Madonna’s brother, released his book Life With My Sister Madonna in 2008. The book exposed secrets and details about their relationship and Madonna’s relationship with then-husband Guy Ritchie. The book definitely put a wedge in Ciccone’s relationship with his sister.

Angelina Kisses Her Brother

Who could forget back in 2000 when Angelina Jolie and her brother, James Haven shocked everybody by kissing each other on the Oscars red carpet? We still don’t know why they decided to lock lips, but we all definitely agree this was definitely a huge scandal when it happened (and still to this day!)

Lindsay Lohan’s Parents

Lindsay Lohan’s parents have both become infamous for their attention-seeking ways. What with Dina publicly accusing her ex-husband Michael Lohan of physically abusing her and appearing on the Dr. Phil show reportedly drunk. And Lindsay’s father has his own fair share of attention seeking. From speaking out about Dina as a mother to apparently trying to sell videos of conversations between him and his ex-wife where they discuss Lindsay’s well-being. It’s safe to say that not only is Lindsay’s name in the news a lot, but her parents are as well.

Jon and Kate No More

They started out as the cute little couple on TLC’s famous show, Jon & Kate Plus 8, but Jon and Kate are no more. Their separation in 2009 lead to a very public (and nasty) breakup, with rumours of cheating. The show ended in 2011, but then the couple appeared on a reality show, Couples Therapy – which didn’t really help either of them, as much as give them both more chances to verbally attack one another.

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