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Vikings Season Two Finale Recap- Find Out Who Dies

vikings season 2 finale┬áIf you are a fan of the History Canada and History Television’s hit show Vikings this season two finale was epic! Yes we maybe just a little biased, as our current magazine cover star Katheryn Winnick, plays the bad ass shield maiden Lagertha on the show. Either way it was amazing, read all about what happened in the Vikings season two finale recap:

The show starts off with the viewer wandering if Floki, the somewhat strange khol eyed ship builder is in fact a traitor. He conspires with king Horik who asks Floki to prove his trustworthiness by killing someone important.

Floki then finds some ‘magic mushrooms’ and feeds it to Rollo and then another Viking warrior. We then see the warrior dead. We also see Floki crawling around some tall grass spying on Ragnar Lothbrok’s son Bjorn who is frolicking with his lover.

Horik also asks Siggy to kill Ragnar’s young sons and in return promises to make her his second wife. She also seems pleased with the offer.

Well not all is as it appears and as they say karma (in this case possibly Thor) is a bitch. As king Horik attacks the settlement, Ragnar, Lagertha and the rest of the warriors are ready for them. Lagertha obliterates Horik’s wife, also a shield maiden, and we learn that the ‘death’ of the Viking warrior was in fact faked and both he and Rollo are very much alive and in fighting form.

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Ragnar’s men kill all of the traitors and Ragnar finishes off king Horik ( in a rather brutal scene).

The last scene shows Ragnar Lothbrok looking out into the distance, no doubt thinking of new lands to conquer, while sitting on a cliff.

photo credit: IMDB

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