Jennifer Aniston To Tom Cruise – Surprising Celebrity First Jobs


Before the glitz and glam and super stardom, celebrities were no different from us.  Living the daily grind from odd jobs here and there, we tend to forget that these A-list stars weren’t always living the glamourous life that they do now.  From serving fast food, waitressing and cleaning, what they say is true, we all must start somewhere.  Take a blast into the past and check out the oddest and most surprising jobs some of the hottest and most infamous celebrity icons worked before landing their biggest job as a star in Hollywood!

1. Jennifer Aniston

As a kid, Jennifer Aniston made her allowance by cleaning toilets and by the time she was 19, it didn’t seem like it was getting any better when she worked as a bike messenger dodging stuffy New York City traffic and swinging car doors.  We think Aniston deserves a round of applause for being such a brave teen.

2. Brad Pitt

He may be one of the most classic and iconic male actors now, but Brad Pitt just might take the award for the oddest and most embarrassing job before hitting fame!  If you thought him working as a chauffeur for a strip-o-gram was bad enough, you’re wrong.  Pitt also worked at an El Pollo Loco restaurant on Sunset Boulevard where he had to dress up in a chicken costume and hand out fliers.

3. Madonna

This classic superstar musical diva wasn’t always up on stage singing and dancing.  Before all the stage lights and screaming crowds, Madonna was working in the fast food world serving up sweets at Dunkin’ Donuts as a teen!  It wasn’t until later when she started dancing and modeling for a bit and became the huge pop star that she is now!

4. Lady Gaga

It’s hard to imagine a tamed Lady Gaga conforming to her workplace, but once upon a time, she was!  As outrageous and out-of-the-box as she is now, Gaga worked her first job as a waitress at a restaurant just across the street from where she lived in New York.  We must say it paid off though because all the money she earned from waitressing was spent on watching jazz in the city and shaping her into a mega superstar and performer.

5. Tom Cruise

Being a celebrity means travelling around to different cities all the time and staying at different hotels every night.  For Tom Cruise, he used to be on the other end of the line taking luggage and bell hopping.  Now, as one of the biggest names in Hollywood, it seems like the tables have turned and he’s probably one of the biggest tippers!

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