Emma Stone, Kit Harrington And More Read Mean Tweets About Themselves


Have you ever wondered if celebrities read what others say about them on Twitter?  Well wonder no further.  Thanks to Jimmy Kimmel, we get to see how celebrities such as Julia Roberts, Matthew McConaughey, Emma Stone and Kit Harrington react when they see how their not so adoring public talk about them.

The Jimmy Kimmel Live segment, Celebrities Read Mean Tweets, is the seventh in the series, and based on the reactions from the audience there will probably be many more.  Julia Roberts gets told how big her mouth is, Ashton Kutcher gets let in how someone wished him to die horribly, and David Blaine is told how boring he is.  In some cases it’s amusing to see how the celebrity takes the news, such as Gary Oldman who can’t stop laughing, or Sofia Vergara who responds glibly.

All in all though, it’s a good laugh and it’s fun to see that the celebrities all seem to have a good sense of humor.  You have to wonder though if people are going to start posting negative tweets now in hopes of being in the next installment.

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