5 Things You Didn’t Know About Emma Stone


Emma Stone is a classic beauty with a quick wit that both men and women love to love. But what do you really know about Emma’s signature red hair or her sensually raspy voice? Here are five things you didn’t know about Emma Stone:

  1. Emma’s Voice – When Emma was a baby she had colic and all her screaming created nodules that left her with calluses on her vocal chords, creating the raspy voice we know and love today.
  2. Emma’s Hair – Shockingly enough Emma is not a natural redhead. When she moved to L.A. she first tried her hand at dying her hair brown and when she auditioned for Superbad she was told to dye her hair red. Her real colour? Blond.
  3. Emma’s Jobs – Before Emma became the actress she is today she held down multiple jobs in other industries. She designed websites for free as a way to teach herself HTML and was also employed at Three Dog Bakery, an actual bakery for dogs!
  4. Emma’s Tattoo – Emma has two blackbird feet tattooed on her inner wrist. It’s a matching tattoo her and her mother got in celebration of her mother becoming cancer-free. It symbolizes her mother’s favourite song, Blackbird by Paul McCartney, and Emma actually wrote to McCartney asking him to draw feet and that is what she used for her tattoo.
  5. Emma’s Piercings – Emma didn’t get her ears pierced until she was 21. At 21 she moved to New York and got five ear piercings!

Photo credit: Instagram

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