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Tori Spelling ‘True Tori’ Reality TV Drama Doesn’t Ring All That True

Tori Spelling

According to this story from US magazine, nothing is off limits for Tori Spelling the reality tv star. Including bringing cameras to the hospital to showcase her hospitalization for stress, while filming True Tori. The stress apparently being brought on by the cheating scandal caused by husband Dean McDermott whose alleged escapade with a 28 year old woman was exposed ( by US magazine). Spelling and McDermott are parents to 4 children aged 20 months to 7.

The big question is why would anyone want to capitalize on their own tragedy in this fashion and just how real is this reality tv show? We get that they were broke and that Spelling’s own mother only gave her a small piece of ┬áher late father’s 500 million dollar fortune ( ahem), but this seems like one hell of a crappy way to make a living.

Website Jezel thinks the whole thing is a total hoax created to make money for Spelling and McDermott. TMZ, known for their own sensationalistic celebrity coverage even stated that the woman, with whom McDermott had the alleged fling, didn’t exist at all! Pretty crazy stuff indeed! We just thought the show itself looked super fake.

For example in the first episode of the show, while retelling the story to girlfriends, Spelling seemed more upset about how she looked in a tabloid paparazzi photo, then she was of the actual occurrence.

Frankly many of the ‘dramatic’ situations in the True Tori reality show, seemed like they were specifically staged to make for interesting tv rather than showcase true emotions and situations.

Which is what makes the whole situation so sad, that Spelling and McDermott would exploit themselves and their family for reality TV fame.

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