From Star Trek to Veronica Mars, TV’s Top Movie Adaptations


Rob Thomas created Veronica Mars back in 2004 and even though it was a critical success the series only lasted 3 season before cancellation. For many years rumors persisted that Veronica Mars would return, but on the big screen instead, and last year after a successful Kickstarter campaign Rob Thomas and Kristen Bell managed to raise enough funding for the project. This weekend Veronica Mars hits theaters everywhere, and in honour of its jump to the big screen we take a look at TV’s Top Movie Adaptations.

Sex And The City – 6 years of following Carrie Bradshaws adventures in New York City weren’t enough for fans of the series, so four years after the show went off the air the first of two movies his the big screen. It more than doubled its’ production costs, and 2 years later a sequel came out. Even though the sequel didn’t perform as well as the first movie, rumors continue to persist that a third movie is on the way.

Firefly – Joss Whedon’s TV series Firefly lasted only 11 episode before being cancelled, but that didn’t stop him from turning it into a movie. Barely 2 years passed between cancellation of the show, and the appearance of Serenity (Firefly’s new name) in theaters. Some say the show never received the attention it deserved from the network, and by the looks of the legions of fans out there clamoring for more they could be right.

The Muppets – From 1976 – 1981 the Muppets were one of the hottest, and most unique shows on TV. Even before the show ended they made the jump to the big screen, and with the release of Muppets Most Wanted in a couple of weeks they continue going strong. In our list of TV’s top movie adaptations, it is by far one of the most successful.

Trailer Park Boys – Canadian television took North American by storm when the Trailer Park Boys first hit the airwaves in 2001. They were rude, crude, and really just dumb, but very enjoyable to watch. Their first movie wasn’t a huge success at the box office, but that didn’t stop them from making a second movie after the show stopped airing on TV, and in a couple of weeks a third movie arrives. In the fall the TV series even returns with an eighth and ninth season on Netflix.

The X-Files – Long before the series even stopped airing fans were asking the producers of the hit TV series to bring Scully and Mulder’s adventures to the big screen, which they did after the fifth season. The movie closed off some story lines, and opened new ones, but by the time the second movie came out in 2008 no one seemed to care anymore. Die-hard fans still want more however, and they just might get it.

Star Trek – Star Trek has been on TV since the 1960’s, and no matter how many shows have been cancelled it keeps coming back. The first series only lasted 3 seasons, but it came back as an animated series, then a series of movies, and multiple new tv shows. Even though Star Trek has its own group of fans, regular non ‘Trekies’ still enjoy the movies, and with J.J. Abrams successful reboot in 2009 Star Trek fans will have new adventures to watch for a long time.

Veronica Mars fans can only hope that their series will be as successful as the rest of the shows on this list.

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