Sara Canning Stars In Remedy

Sara Canning

Real Style Magazine Winter cover star Sara Canning stars as Dr. Melissa Conner on the new show Remedy. Remedy premieres tonight on CTV at 9 o’clock. We caught up with the busy actress to get the scoop on the new show.

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Real Style: Can you tell us more about your character on Remedy?
Sara Canning: “I play Dr. Melissa Conner in Remedy. She is the youngest Conner sibling, a surgeon, and a huge perfectionist. She’s worked hard to get where she is, and desperately wants the respect of her father, the chief of staff (Enrico Colantoni.) But she feels her star quarterback position is challenged when her med school dropout brother, Griffin (Dillon Casey) returns in the way of a prodigal son and is invited to work at the hospital with the rest of the family.”

Real Style: Do you find that you relate to the character?
Sara Canning: “I definitely relate to Melissa’s desire to get things right. But she is more extreme in that desire; her entire lifestyle centres around being infallible. So she was the best kind of challenge to play, because there are consequences to holding oneself to such high standards all the time. I also got to explore her competitive nature, because I have no siblings to compete with in real life!”

Real Style: Have you picked up any medical tips or fun facts since your time Remedy?
Sara Canning: “I became enthralled with all things medical while shooting Remedy. Playing a surgeon meant studying a lot of many lettered words and conditions that can inflict the body. Our set medic consultant was an excellent teacher – I had crash surgical and medical courses in every episode. I literally got my hands dirty – lots of fake blood and digging around in prosthetic organs! Human bodies are fascinating.”

Real Style: “How is the dynamic on set with your cast members?
Sara Canning: “The family dynamic felt so natural from the beginning with our cast, both the Conner family and the larger hospital family. I love working with these people. Everyone cares about making a great show, keeping the stakes high, finding emotion and comedy and a bit of silliness between takes, because what family isn’t.”

Real Style: What is your favourite part about working on a Drama, and how has it been
different than Vampire Diaries?
Sara Canning: “What I love most about working on Remedy is that it’s truly a character driven show, a medical trauma environment that revolves around a larger story of family dysfunction and relationships and characters just trying to do the right thing, whatever that means to each of them. The experience is quite different from shooting The Vampire Diaries because the roles and genres are very different, but that’s the joy of doing what I get do – it’s an experience that asks different things of me as an actor.”

Real Style: What are you currently working on?
Sara Canning: “A film I did called I Put a Hit on You just premiered at Slamdance in Park City, and I am in a film premiering later this year about the life of motion study photographer Eadweard Muybridge (I played his wife.) There are some things up in the air about the next project I’m supposed to film, so I can’t talk about that one just yet!”

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