Jacqueline M. Wood Dishes on E!’s New Travel Show ‘Party On’

Party On

She’s already a singer, DJ, and an Emmy-nominated actress twice-over for her time on the popular soap opera ‘The Bold and the Beautiful’, but Windsor-born beauty Jacqueline M. Wood is about to get even more worldly. She is set to host E!’s new travel show ‘Party On,’ premiering tonight (10E/7P). Jacqueline will take viewers on a wild ride and along side on her adventures which uncover the Mediterranean’s coolest party spots, celebrity hide-outs, all the must-sees and do’s and must-eat foods. Jacqueline M. Wood talked to Real Style about her experience, and shared with us some of her travel advice.

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Party On!

Real Style: What can viewers expect from ‘Party On?’
Jacqueline M. Wood: “This isn’t your ordinary travel show. It’s not where I’m going around and giving you information. This is more where I’m plopped in each destination and I have 48 hours to see everything, to do everything, to immerse yourself into the culture, the best shopping, the yachts. I’m showing you the hot spots, the hottest places, the hottest spots and why these locations are so great, and why you should see these places.”

Real Style: What was the most thrilling thing you did while filming?
Jacqueline M. Wood:“I have to say the most thrilling time was in Marbaya when I did the extreme bridge jump. It was absolutely terrifying, it was one of those things where I wasn’t nervous at the beginning but once I climbed over the railing, that’s when it just hit me. I think the silence of it and just knowing that I’m going to let go, and free fall and kind of swing under it. They call it “puenting” in Marbaya, and I I don’t know if I’d necessarily do it again but I’m glad I did it.”

Real Style: Which was your favourite destination and why?
Jacqueline M. Wood:”I have to say Mykonos was one of my favourite destinations, but now watching some of the episodes and reliving those moments it keeps jumping around. I think Mykonos is just a great place, I loved the shopping there; the prices were great, there were a lot of local designers, and the materials were just stunning. It was the perfect spot and a great vibe, and if you want the activity aspect, you can just dive into the water and it’s the most amazing snorkeling.”

Real Style: Which destination had your favourite food?
Jacqueline M. Wood: “That’s a toss-up because obviously in Sardinia – I love Italian food – so it’s like truffle and olive oil and everything that’s great. But I really liked the food in St. Tropez. There’s restaurant Villa Romana and it was so cool. There were costumes and rooms that you can find wings and feather boas, and people are just hanging off the chandeliers; it’s just crazy. Then I’d have to say Marrakesh in Morocco is my other favourite. The French influence with the Moroccan spices was just so, so good.”

Real Style: What are some of your general travel tips?
Jacqueline M. Wood: “Everyone always has black luggage so I would just tie something on it or buy luggage that’s bright. As well, I think just be very prepared: keep your passport, know your gate, know everything beforehand. When travelling, I keep it pretty simple. I have the books, my laptop, music, and iPod ready to go. I have an Evian spritz because when you’re doing 12-13 hour flights, my skin gets so dry and I end up breaking out. I also keep my carry-on small but still have a few outfits in there –  one or two – just in case you lose your luggage.”

Real Style: What are your fashion staples to pack when travelling?
Jacqueline M. Wood: “I think comfortable shoes, it’s a main thing. I like a flowy dress that’s easy to put on, comfortable shoes. People always tend to forget when you’re going to Europe: you bring your highest Jimmy Choo’s and it’s like no, no, no, there’s cobblestone streets. So again it’s not about over packing, and what makes sense to me is bathing suits, of course, dresses – I love dresses. They are easy to slip on and then some comfortable clothes.”

Real Style: Where you inspired or intrigued by any fashion trends overseas?
Jacqueline M. Wood: “It was really cool to see some of the designer stuff like Cavalli and Balmain and Versace couture in Sardinia that you wouldn’t even see in Los Angeles. As well, being in Greece and seeing the pieces that they use there and the types of materials. And in Marrakesh and Istanbul, the makeup – what the women do with the eye makeup is something else; they’re all gorgeous.”

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