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Bitten Brings Laura Vandervoort Back To The Small Screen


Former Real Style cover girl Laura Vandervoort stars in the new T.V. Series Bitten, that premieres this weekend in Canada on Space.  In it she plays Elena Michaels, the world’s only female werewolf who left her pack behind as she tries to embrace her human side.  Unfortunately for her she finds that the wolf, and her pack, aren’t as easy to leave as she would hope.

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Based on the Women of Otherworld series by Canadian author Kelley Armstrong, Bitten finds itself caught somewhere between Twilight and True Blood, with an emphasis on werewolf mythology.  The show itself really doesn’t offer very much new to the werewolf story (in fact there are a lot of similarities between the two aforementioned franchises) but you still find yourself trying to figure things out as the show goes on.  After the first episode you are left with quite a few questions (such as the difference between being one of a pack and a mutt, and why Elena is the only female werewolf) but by the second episode you find the answers you are looking for.  In fact the second episode fills you in on a lot of the questions that may have popped into your head during the pilot.

The first story-line follows Elena in Toronto and the pack she left behind in upstate New York.  After a rogue mutt starts killing innocent humans which threatens to expose the pack, Elena reluctantly returns home to help her ‘family’ hunt him down.  The episodes keep the blood to a minimum, and include a fair amount of sex and tasteful nudity.

Bitten feels like something you would see on the CW network, but the stories are compelling enough that even those outside of the target audience should still find themselves drawn in and wanting more.  The series does seem more geared towards a female audience though, much like Twilight and True Blood.  With 13 episodes filmed for season 1, we’ll have to wait to see if the series gets picked up for a second season, but with the good looking cast and interesting story line we have a feeling it will be.

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