Rihanna Gets Spoiled For Christmas – See Her Fabulous Gifts

While most of us have to wait 15 more days to opens the gifts that we’ve been staring at under the tree, Rihanna is busy opening her giant stockpile of gifts right now.  The singer has been posting a fury of snaps to her Instagram page showing her fans all of the sweet splendours that fame has to offer. From handwritten cards from fashions most illustrious designers to customized garbs, Rihanna is one lucky girl and she isn’t afraid to show it.


Above is a shot of her abundance of presents with the cute caption, “This is gonna be a long night….” Well Rihanna, if you should need any assistance unpacking those glorious gifts we will gladly provide our services! Below we’ve detailed a stream of snaps that she’s been sharing, and we’re seriously swooning.

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Above is a snap of a gorgeous and personalized gift by Stella McCartney with the cute caption, “Wifey.” We’re absolutely loving the neon hue, and this fun addition will be the perfect go-to accessory come spring.

Above is a glamorous gift by Donatella Versace, and of course a custom card for the pop princess. Rihanna shared her excitement with friends and fans, and caption the picture “Major baby! Thank u”

Shown above is a lust worthy photograph featuring a trio of perfect accessories that will look gorgeous on Rihanna. We love all of the unique details that compliment her signature style, and apparently she agrees as she captioned, “Christmas!! Thank you Miuccia and your wonderful team”

It’s simply impossible not to peel our eyes away from this picture. From the stylish shoes, to the fun accessories we’re declaring Rihanna one lucky lady. She posted the picture yesterday and completed the snap with the complementary caption, “Christmas… 1 Love OC”

This is perhaps our favourite picture of the bunch, as we’re loving the beautiful sketch done by Rodarte and the pieces that were gifted to her as well. The card is so gorgeous it should be framed and the singer captioned it by saying, “Love you more…”

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