Disney’s Dylan Sprouse Nude Photos Leaked

Dylan Sprouse Instagram

Dylan Sprouse of Disney’s ‘The Suite Life of Zack & Cody’ had nude photographs of him leaked onto Tumblr this past Sunday. It’s reported that over the weekend a former flame of Dylan Sprouse had apparently posted two nude photos of the 21-year-old celebrity, which resulted in them going viral almost immediately.

Dylan Sprouse Instagram 3

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After the photos made their rounds around the web, the Disney Star Dylan Sprouse quickly addressed his more than 700,000 followers and tweeted“I messed up… but I’d be a fool not to own up to it. Got to move past it I suppose.” and another saying, “whoops, guess I’m not 14 and fat anymore.” Sprouse later spruced up his Twitter account by adding ‘n00d pic dealer’ to his bio, which now reads, “Child actor who didn’t do meth. Also: -Amateur Video Game Designer -Self Proclaimed Artist -n00d pic dealer -Pokemon Enslaver.”

Dylan Sprouse Instagram 4

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Dylan’s twin brother and co-star of Disney’s ‘The Suite Life of Zack and Cody,’ Cole Sprouse made light of the sticky situation by tweeting to his over 500,000 followers, “cold in that bath-room, huh?” Finally, Dylan Sprouse took to Tumblr to address the nude photo scandal by saying, “Thanks for making me laugh through all of this.” While leaked nude photos seem to be an ongoing trend in Tinseltown, we can certainly say that Disney’s Dylan Sprouse is handling this himself, and the situation with a good sense of humour.

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