Secret Princes’ Alexander On Reality Dating Shows And His Unconventional Life

Prince Alexander Romanoff of Russia may not be his actual name and title as the reality TV show Secret Princes bills him, but Francis Alexander Mathew is still a pretty cool guy. Read on for a fun look at the unconventional life of this easy going reality star, photographer and world traveller.

Mathew’s actual royal connection is that he is the great grand nephew of Czar Nicolas Romanoff the last ruling royal on the Russian throne. His grandfather Prince Andrew escaped to England, had his mother Princess Olga Romanoff and the rest is history. Fran, for short, is a self described extreme nature lover, photographer and a former stunt man.

“I have had a pretty unconventional life,” says Mathew, “When I was about six, we moved to Kent [Scotland] and I went to a local school. Needless to say the local kids didn’t take too kindly to a son of a princess. Let’s just say, I was in a lot of fights as a kid.”

So was he a poor little rich kid with a trust fund? No such thing. Matthew says “I worked for everything I have. And I pay my own way… no trust fund baby here.”

When asked how he went from being the son of a princess to the star of reality TV, Matthew explains that “I was scouted for the Ukrainian version of The Bachelor due to the royal lineage and of course they also billed me out as a prince.”

According to online sources, 16,000 women signed up for a chance at love with the Prince. Fran did end up choosing a girl, Lena, but the couple is no longer together. Then along came Secret Princes, a TLC reality show which airs on Friday evenings.  “It seemed like it would be a fun time for six weeks,” said Mathew.

When asked on how all the ‘royals’ got along on Secret Princes, Matthew laughs and says “I’m still friends with James [Rodd] and for the rest….no comment. But no more reality dating shows for me”

If Fran isn’t going to be on reality dating shows again, does that mean that he is finally ready to settle down?

“I used to travel constantly never staying anywhere for a long period of time,” Matthew revealed, “Now I feel like I want to have a home base and take less frequent trips. Anyone I end up with will need to have adventurous nature and love travel. It’s the personality that comes first: intelligence and curiosity about life. Then I look for a connection. It’s either there or it isn’t. It’s not something you can fake.”

When asked if this gentleman prefers blondes or brunettes. He graciously shares that “I am partial to brunettes, kind of Kate Beckinsdale, Natalie Portman types…but at the end of the day, it’s not about hair colour.”

Since reality television is off of the table, we needed to know what he wants to do in the future.

“I have had some successful photography exhibitions and want to continue with this,” Matthew says, “My next project is to photograph active volcanoes and maybe do a documentary on the subject. But I’m open, I found that life can be unpredictable and you have to be ready for all opportunities.”

So there you have it, he might not be a technical prince and a working royal to boot, but he was fun to chat with an easy going attitude and an engaging laugh. So we are sure to see this Prince Charming in the future wherever his adventuresome life takes him.

Photos: TLC

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