Lady Gaga Is Going To Space… Literally

Lady Gaga might well be on her way to slowly taking over the universe, with a performance from outer space planned for 2015! The diva’s adoring fans (who she affectionately calls her “Little Monsters”) have time to gear up for her performance as part of the Zero G Colony high-tech music festival. The New Mexico festival (set at Spaceport America) is a three-day celebration, predicted to be revolutionary with a cutting-edge combo of music and advanced technology.

We’re planning to tune in to Mother Monster’s latest groundbreaking and no doubt theatrical show as she hits the stage in 2015. The 27-year-old Applause singer has apparently taken out a life insurance policy (according to Us Weekly)- after all, better to be safe than sorry. Lady Gaga will also have to undergo intense vocal training to keep her voice up to speed while facing changes in atmosphere.

Will this set a new trend of singers performing in space? We’ll have to wait to find out, but we’re excited for the future already.

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