Ender’s Game Is A Thought Provoking Ride

Previous positioned as an almost Harry Potter meets, Star Wars meets Hunger Games, Ender’s Game is the highly-anticipated sci-fi book-to-movie blockbuster from the 1985 novel written by Orson Scott Card.  It is basically about a boy who is gifted with brilliance, and strategy skills unlike any other.  The film is directed by Gavin Hood, and the star-studded cast includes: Harrison Ford, Asa Butterfield, Hailee Steinfeld, Viola Davis, Abigail Breslin, and Ben Kingsley.

“When I understand my enemy well enough to defeat him, in that moment, I also love him.” That thought-provoking and inspirational quote kicked off the big-budget blockbuster, and leads the story to Earth after a devastating attack from the ‘Formics,’ which are insect-like aliens wanting to destroy the planet. Although their efforts failed, a lot of mankind perished in the processes, and they have since been awaiting their resilient return. The powers to be have since decided that children are the key and the best chance for survival so they train them at ‘Battle School,’ which is a space station that orbits the planet, and where these cadets are trained to prepare for war by the use of video games and practice situations.

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Ender Wiggins is of course the standout star, and this 12-year-old boy takes viewers on his emotional and endearing journey that could potentially save the world as we know it. We see Ender battle internal physiological and physical demons that make for some spellbinding scenes. Questions of the harm that the world places on child soldiers, and perhaps the controversial effects of war simulated video games surfaces. We see him fall down and get back up and hopefully do the right thing. During his journey an affection blossoms between him and co-star Hailee Steinfeld whom plays Petra blossoms which adds a romantic and light undertone.

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Fast forward to the final act of Ender’s Game is where the meaning of the title becomes clear: Ender is ultimately promoted to ‘Command School’ where he’s directed to basically save the planet through a series of virtual attacks, and training simulations.  It is here where we see him put all of his hard work to the test, and call on strengths he never knew he had. Will Ender be everything the powers to be made him out to be? Can the planet really rest in the hands of a 12-year-old boy? Ultimately this movie is a great watch, and well worth the ticket admission. It is a refreshing take on a teen sci-fi that holds underlying messages that not only make us think, but make us commend and applaud their efforts. It is a deep and meaningful movie that deserves the attention it’s receiving!

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