5 Reasons To Watch The Dallas Buyers Club This Weekend

Even before the Dallas Buyers Club opened at Tiff 2013 there had been a lot of buzz and hype surrounding it, partly due to the huge transformation of its star Matthew McConaughey. This weekend the movie opens to the general public, and if you are looking for reason to see this movie we bring you 5 good ones.

1) Matthew McConaughey gives the performance of his career.  It’s not just the weight loss that helps transform the 20 year old veteran into homophobic Ron Woodroof who contracts the AIDS virus, it’s his acting skills as well.  There are plenty of times that you forget that you are looking at an actor who has been known for going topless in most of his movies, and generally being a heartthrob for women around the world.  McConaughey should see an Oscar nomination for this role, and is currently the front runner to win.

2) Jared Leto doesn’t show any rust in his return to acting.  The 30 Seconds to Mars front man has been focusing on his music career and hasn’t made a movie in 4 years, but you would never know it.  Like McConaughey he lost a lot of weight for his role as Rayon, the transvestite business partner of Woodroof.  If you didn’t know Leto was in the movie, you wouldn’t recognize him.  He too should see himself up for acting awards come awards season.

3)  You are tired of seeing big blockbuster films and want to see something with a bit more substance.  Dallas Buyers Club is a thought provoking movie that will you will talk about to your friends long after it is over.

4)  The movie will make you think twice before you take your medicine.  Are pharmaceutical companies out for themselves, or do they really care about the people who take their medication?  Although all based on a true story movies need to be taken with a grain of salt, there are a lot of theories that natural medications are out there that don’t have to be mixed up in a lab.  And they are cheaper to boot!

5)  Both men and women will enjoy this movie.  Although this isn’t a date night type of movie, both sexes will find something to like about it.  Women will like the raw emotion and struggles of the characters, whereas men will find themselves drawn to the fight between Woodroof and the pharmaceutical companies.

Article Written by: Roderick Thedorff  – November 2nd, 2013

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