TV Inspired Halloween Costumes

If you’re still undecided on your Halloween costume, let your favourite TV shows inspire you. The most memorable characters are the ones with a hairstyle or outfit. Here are some TV characters – new and old – that will be sure to make you the talk of the party.

Game of Throne’s Daenerys Targaryen:  Dress up as the Mother of Dragons, and you’ll get to fulfill any fantasies about being a blonde and having pet fire-breathers at the same time. Find a blonde wig and a flowing blue gown or edgy leather to embody this queen. If you can find some mini dragons to sit on your shoulder even better!

The Walking Dead’s Michonne: Everyone else is going to be a zombie, so why not be TV’s toughest female zombie killer? It’s a great excuse to wield two swords at once. A cool dreadlock wig and some tattered clothes will do the job.

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True Blood’s Merlotte’s waitress: The waitress uniform from Merlotte’s makes a great homage to the raunchy vampire show, without turning yourself into a blood-thirsty vampire. To embody one of the real girls practice your best Southern accent and maybe get a blonde wig or Arlene’s red locks.

Futurama’s Leela: Pulling off Leela’s outfit – white tank top, black tights, and grey combat-style boots – should be easy enough, but you’ll have to be inventive when turning your two eyes into one.

Scooby- Doo’s Velma and Daphne: Cartoon characters are great for the most brightly-colored costumes, and Velma and Daphne are no exception. Bonus points will be added if you can gather all of your friends to get the entire Scooby gang.

Parks and Recreation’s Leslie Knope: A blonde wig and a pants suit may not turn any heads on Halloween, but craft yourself a “KNOPE 2012” button, and people will recognize Pawnee’s wacky councilwoman. Get a male friend to sport a brown moustache to be your Ron Swanson.

How I Met Your Mother’s Robin Sparkles: If you’re into costumes that make obscure references only true fans will recognize, Robin Sparkles, Robin Scherbatsky’s Canadian superstar alter ego, will be a hit with How I Met Your Mother fans. But make sure you memorize all the lyrics to “Let’s Go To the Mall.”

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Glee’s Sue Sylvester and William McKinley High School cheerleaders: Dressing up as one of the William McKinley High School cheerleaders gives a cool spin on an otherwise common Halloween costume. Or go as Sue Sylvester with a short, blonde wig and track suit, and everyone will be jealous of how comfy you are.

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