Top Ten 2013 Hollywood Movies Turned Halloween Costumes

This year all bets are off when it comes to Halloween costumes, as were thinking a variety of options will be trending. From the obvious Miley Cyrus costume to the obscure horror story creatures that will roaming the streets; it will surely be a Halloween for the books. We’re thinking that there will be a lot of movie buffs channeling their favorite characters this year, with Man of Steel, and The Great Gatsby the possibilities seem endless. We chose ten movies, sorted into five categories with fun and creative costume ideas. It’s now time to retire your mouse ears, or ladybug wings, and harness your inner Katniss Everdeen.


Texas Chainsaw 3D: For this costume leave your real chainsaw at home, and pick up the most frightening Leatherface mask on the market. Get a gory apron, replica chainsaw, and a frightening face that will terrify even the most seasoned horror buffs.

Carrie: With the new release of Carrie staring the graceful Chloe Grace Moretz, this prom queen turned worst nightmare will be a huge contender on the costume circuit. Find yourself an old slip prom dress and tiara that you don’t mind covering in blood for this freaky look.

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