Top 2013 Halloween Costumes

Real Style is looking forward to a night of creepy characters and scary surprises- after all, the big night is days away! Here’s a round up of the year’s most popular Halloween costumes, in case you’re still hunting for the perfect idea:

1) Breaking Bad: Fans of the series are devastated that the adventures of Walter White in Breaking Bad have come to an end with the series’ season finale. You can even capture the spirit of the show with a sexy Breaking Bad costume (yes, there is such a thing). With a short yellow Hazmat suit, black pumps, and yellow Hazmat leg warmers, will this be the sexy costume of the year?

2) Miley Cyrus: Miley’s VMAS look not only became a pop culture statement, it’s also expected to create countless imitators this year. If you’re ready to get your twerk on in a teddy bear print leotard, this might be the costume for you.

3) The Fox: Ylvis’ music video What Does The Fox Say? has created quite the YouTube buzz since its launch in September, and has been described as a popular pick by Yahoo. Will we be seeing life-sized dancing foxes on sidewalks this Halloween?

4) Duck Dynasty: Since the reality show first aired on A&E, Duck Dynasty costumes have been all the rage. With a long beard, oversized glasses, a camo vest, and a matching baseball cap, you can very easily be one of the Duck Dynasty men- unless you want to try out a sexy version, that is.

5) Batman: Batman never goes out of style, and with the recent news of Ben Affleck as the iconic superhero, the Batman saga has been in the headlines again! Grab a willing friend to dress as Robin and enjoy a hero-worthy night out on the town.

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