Lena Dunham Might Break The Vogue Mold

The Lena Dunham bandwagon is pulling out, and the first passenger fighting for a spot to get on board is iconic Vogue Editor Anna Wintour.  Lena’s fan following is growing by the second as her wildly successful show Girls has taken off, and some of the most important decision makers in the fashion and celebrity industry are taking notice. According to Radar Online, Anna Wintour’s next cover model might be Lena Dunham, and this news doesn’t quite fit the Vogue mold in more ways than one.

In order to actually land a coveted cover, you need to be the bearer of trifecta of three simply amazing and almost impossible qualities. One, you must have a compelling and non-controversial story to tell. Two, you must be relevant enough to sell issues, and three you must have the ability to befriend Anna.  Let us not overlook that the majority of supermodels and celebrities alike who have graced previous issue have all been in somewhat perfect physical form, but times are changing and the mold is certainly breaking. Both Adele and Jennifer Hudson broke the standard mold and someone scrutinized physique while getting their opportunities to grace the cover, and represent the changing face and body of beauty.

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Despite the obvious that Lena Dunham does not posses the typical model stature , it is also the ways in which she challenges social norms, and plays by her own rules. Selecting her to be the newest face would be a rather unconventional cover choice, however a smart move that Wintour should be pushing for. The magazine, while a fashion institution in its own right needs to woo a younger and lifelong audience.  According to Radar, the editor-in-chief is hosting a “top secret, private dinner […] according to a well-placed magazine source.” Says the source, “[Anna] is willing to violate a lot of Vogue traditions to do it, including putting her on the cover even though she doesn’t really conform to the body type that Vogue has featured for most of its history. This dinner is a first step for Anna to see if Lena will play ball.”

This isn’t the first time Dunham and Vogue have worked together, and the most memorable collaboration being the Met Ball, where Hamish Bowles dressed the actress in a Wes Gordon gown. We’re thinking if Lena and Anna can work on the cover together, it will be the quirkiest and cutest edition to date.

Photo: Instagram

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