Baby North West is Spoiled and other Privileged Celebrity Tots

Twins Maximilian and Emme, the beautiful offspring of Jennifer Lopez reportedly have a masseuse and a color therapist on call, matching diamond-encrusted rattles and a Shetland pony. In October of 2012, daughter Emme attended her fashion show with mom in toe, wearing a Chanel brooch and bag with a combined value of upwards $2,400. The tinsel-town twins reportedly have round-the-clock nannies, and only sleep on 600 count Egyptian cotton linen, and bodyguards that cost the family $600,000 a month. This twins are also used to jetting off to all corners of the world, and most recently Italy, Britain, and Spain in their mom’s private plane. It is also rumored that their Godfather Tom Cruise splurged on a $200,000 “Welcome to the World” Christening party, complete with matching designer outfits.

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