The Social Co-Host Melissa Grelo Gives Her Canadian Spin

There are many American talk shows on the air, but today Canadian’s will finally get their own take on the the news of the day with The Social. Canadian co-hosts Melissa Grelo, Lainey Lui, Traci Melchor and Cynthia Loyst will enter your living room every afternoon to chat about the news, tips and advice of the day. Real Style asked CP24 news anchor Melissa Grelo to dishs on her co-hosts, her top celebs and what makes The Social uniquely Canadian.

Real Style: Describe your co-hosts in one sentence each.

Melissa Grelo: Traci is one of the funniest and wittiest people I know. She epitomizes living life to the fullest by being a wonderful mother, hard worker, sassy woman and great friend.

Lainey is a pillar of strength whose work ethic and ability to multi-task is unrivalled. She’s a marvel!

Cynthia lives up to our nickname for her – Mother Earth – because she’s poetically understanding, warm, and creating a new example for what it means to be a mother balancing it all in the 21st century.

Real Style: How does this show compare to American daily talk shows?

Melissa Grelo: We will be sharing a distinctly Canadian perspective, and no topic is off limits – including hot button issues. From the country’s political structure to our views on civil rights, we have a sensibility that is uniquely Canadian. Also, we are creating television for the 21st century viewer whereby he or she is simultaneously watching the show and engaging on social media. We bring the viewers’ comments directly into our conversations and debate with you at home! We try to tear down the wall that exists between the viewer and us, the hosts, thereby unleashing the power of social media’s immediacy.

Real Style: You will be focusing a lot on how women can save money. What is your favourite money saving tip?

Melissa Grelo: Have a hard time saving? Set up automatic withdrawals from your bank account each pay day that go directly to an RRSP or other savings mechanism.

Real Style: Who is your favourite red carpet fashionista and why?

Melissa Grelo: Jennifer Lopez. She never has a misstep. She knows how to play up her assets. She also proves that true sex appeal comes from confidence and embracing your shape. She has redefined what it means to be ‘sexy’.

Real Style: How would you describe your own fashion style?

Melissa Grelo: In my public life, I like to mix up pieces that are very feminine, like a figure-flattering shift dress, with pieces that are a bit edgy and rock-and-roll like geometric or chunky necklaces, or a statement bracelet and shoes. On the horse farm, it’s got to be functional and comfortable like jeans, rubber boots, a tank top, and baseball cap.

Watch The Social on CTV everyday at 1pm starting this afternoon.


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