The Blacklist Interview With Leading Lady Megan Boone

Tonight The Blacklist, one of the most anticipated new shows of the season, kicks off with newcomer Megan Boone sparring against iconic actor James Spader. The pressure of acting with such a renowned co-star must have been intimidating for this fresh faced actress, but she was up for the challenge. Real Style caught up with Megan Boone on a call to find out how she prepared for The Blacklist.

Real Style: Can you start by talking about how you became involved in the project?

Megan Boone: I had kind of resigned to not participating very aggressively in pursuing network TV pilots, but I continued to ask the people that I work with to send me scripts this year. Once I got ahold of The Blacklist and I read it, I was immediately kind of drawn to the character Elizabeth Keen and I worked really hard on it for about a week before I met with Eisendrath and Bokenkamp and Joe Carnahan, who directed it. In that meeting, I just kind of put it all out on the table. I probably gave one of the better auditions of my career because it was one of the more important ones to me. I kept going back in and back in and back in, kind of rediscovering or discovering new things about who she was in the rooms with them.

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RS:  Did you do a lot of research for this role at all?

MB: I’m still doing research for the role. I don’t think that will ever end. There’s just an endless amount of information and new information that comes as you’re developing it, I think. Every script that comes across the table introduces new elements of my character and personality. For instance, the episode we’re going into, I found that she has a little bit more of a sense of humor about things, which I think is born out of some of the trauma she experiences prior to that episode.

RS: Can you sort of break down your character for us a little bit and tell us a little bit about what we can expect to see from her?

MB: Elizabeth Keen is a psychological profiler who is new to the FBI and it’s her first day at work when James Spader, Red Reddington, requests to speak with her and only her in order to provide detail for catching some of the world’s most dangerous criminals. She’s stressed into these situations and she’s not entirely prepared to be a field agent, however, it’s required of her now to go out and seek out these criminals in some of the most dangerous situations that she may encounter. What you ultimately discover about her is that she’s very brave and capable despite her novice and there’s always that question of whether or not she can handle herself.

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