Miley Cyrus Receiving Twerking Backlash

Two days later and still all anyone can talk about is Miley Cyrus and her sexy twerking dance all over Robin Thicke at the MTV VMAs.

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The Parents Television Council has been complaining to MTV for the way that they allowed this former Hannah Montana child star to shake her stuff on stage in a nude bikini. The council, of which Billy Ray Cyrus is a board member of, didn’t slam Miley Cyrus herself, but the channel for letting that type of content air on television.

If you believe reports, Robin Thicke’s team also isn’t happy about Miley Cyrus’ stage performance. US Magazine reports that while Robin himself had fun on stage, his team is upset that Miley Cyrus overshadowed him during his big moment.

Miley isn’t letting all of this get her down though. Just one day after her sexy performance, Miley was at it again posting sexy pictures of her backside on Twitter in a boy’s locker room. Her new album isn’t even released until October 4, so we have lots of time to see more of this from Miley Cyrus.

Photo: Twitter

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