Get Hot With The Sexiest Music Videos

If the expression “sex sells” has any truth, these chart-topping singers are certainly proving it with their racy music videos. Most recently Robin Thicke broke an airtime record with his #1 hit “Blurred Lines”, and Justin Timberlake has gained millions of views for his sexy video for “Tunnel Vision.” The two of them join a number of hot celebs that have actually had their videos banned from YouTube for containing too much explicit content.  While these videos certainly conjure up controversy, there is no denying that it also gets them a whole lot of attention and publicity. Here is our list of some of the sexiest music videos.

Robin Thicke “Blurred Lines”

After producing five studio albums without any hits, he has finally gotten some public attention with this chart topping single. Sure, the song may be catchy, but is it the full frontal nudity in the accompanying music video that is creating all the buzz?

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