Ashton Kutcher’s Real Name And 5 Other Things You Didn’t Know About Him

Last night at the Teen Choice Awards, Ashton Kutcher surprised everyone when he revealed his real name to the world. When he was accepting the Ultimate Choice Award, Ashton Kutcher revealed that his real name is Chris and he changed his name at 19-years-old, when he became an actor. Since Ashton Kutcher still clearly has some surprises up his sleeve, here’s a closer look at the 35-year-old star and a few facts about him which we bet will be news to you:

1) Majored in engineering before making his modelling debut: As a biomedical engineering student at the University of Iowa, Kutcher (born and brought up in Cedar Rapids, Iowa) soon discovered fame and fortune. While out one night at a bar, the handsome star was discovered by a talent manager. He later fell out of touch with his studies, preferring to pursue a career as a full-time male model.

2) Has a twin brother who was a heart patient as a child: At the age of 13 in 1991, his twin Michael was in the hospital after suffering from an infection which had led to cardiac arrest. Ashton’s brother (now healthy and living a fairly normal life) almost died before receiving an emergency transplant. Michael has said that Ashton’s support “showed me the love one brother has for another”, according to People magazine.

3) Was a troublemaker in his youth: According to a 2012 profile on the actor in the Des Moines Register, Kutcher broke into his high school late one night with the help of a cousin, hoping to steal some cash after a night out with friends. He was later caught, and faced three years of probation and a juvenile criminal record, leaving the then-16-year-old Punk’d himself when his prank backfired.

4) Once worked as a janitor at a cereal factory: As a student at the University of Iowa, the That 70s Show star worked at the General Mills factory, sweeping up Cheerios from the floor in order to make some extra dollars over the summer. This is before his debut as a Calvin Klein model, of course!

5) Has his own fashion line: In April, Kutcher launched Pickwick and Weller, an exclusive line of quality t-shirts for both men and women. With LA-designed and made pieces, the casual shirts come in everything from basic cotton to luxe silk.

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