Who Are The Royal Godparents Going To Be?

Now that baby George has a name and title, Kate Middleton and Prince William now need to appoint Godparents for their royal baby. So who will be the godparent of the heir to the throne? Here are the top nominees:

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Prince Harry – While Harry might be a little wild and crazy, he also seems to be the most down to earth of the royal family. With his military training and carefree persona, Harry might be a great influence on the future king.

Pippa Middleton – George’s Auntie Pippa is almost a sure bet to be named Godmother to the baby. Kate Middleton is very close to her family and she is going to want her first son to be close to the Middleton’s as well.

Nico Jackson – Rumour has it that Pippa Middleton is ready to settle down and tie the knot with her boyfriend Nico Jackson. What better way to welcome him to the family then to ask him to be the godfather of his new nephew.

Sir Richard Branson – The millionaire is so close to the royal couple that he offered his Carribean retreat to them for their honeymoon. His business smarts and savvy would be a great influence on this boy as he grows.

Fergus Boyd & Olivia Bleasdale – Fergus and Olivia have been friends with Kate and William since they were just university students meeting and falling in love for the first time. The four of them even share a flat together when they were first dating. It would be nice if they picked these commoners to be the royal baby’s godparents.

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