The Hunger Games’ Josh Hutcherson Nude Photos Leaked

Less than a week after seeing haunting nude selfies of Geraldo Riveria, another much more high profile star has had nude photos leaked onto the internet. The Hunger Games’ hottie Josh Hutcherson, who plays sweet Peeta Mellark, is rumoured to the star of the latest set of nude celeb photos to make their way around the internet.

Rumour has it that these pictures are from back in 2010 when he used to pose nude online in sexual photos and video under the name ‘Connor’.

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There is no confirmation that the pictures are him or the wild story is true. If these are from another pre-fame time, we can’t help but feel a bit bad for Josh Hutcherson, who probably never thought he would get to this level of fame so quickly.

When will these celebrities learn that they shouldn’t take nude photos of themselves?

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