Stacy Keibler – What Should She Do Now?

Before she was first spotted holding hands with infamous bachelor George Clooney few people knew the name Stacy Keibler. Her fans before then were limited to those who recognized her from her days as a female wrestler on WWE and a contestant on Dancing With The Stars. Now that Stacy and George have called it quits, she will need to take careful steps to stay in the public eye. Here are a few things Stacy Keibler could do to stay relevant in a positive way.

Start A Fashion Line

Other less credible stars have started their own fashion collections in the past so why not Stacy? She’s got a statement style that is a little bit sexy, a little bit glamour and a little bit casual. If sold at a big retailer like Sears, Stacy Keibler’s fashion could be very popular.

Host A Talk Show

We’ve seen her picture on the red carpet, but most of us probably don’t know much about who Stacy Keibler is. We are sure she has many opinions about life, love and all the rest. We can see her sitting chatting with the ladies on The View every day.

Guest Star On A Show

George Clooney got his big breaks on Roseanne and ER, so why not Stacy? She could fill in as on How I Met Your Mother or New Girl as a test run.

Work With A Magazine or Store

Kimora Lee Simmons pulls product for JustFab, Rachel Bilson has pulled product for Piperlime, Stacy Keibler could work with one of her favourite stores or magazines as a guest editor picking products and having her say on what’s hot.

Reality TV

When all else fails, Stacy Keibler always has reality television. Maybe Stacy can go on a dating show to find her next man or we can follow her around to see what it is she does all day long.

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