Josh Hutcherson And Other Celebrity Nude Selfies

Poor Josh Hutcherson of The Hunger Games fame has been dealing with having old nude selfies of himself leak onto the internet today. Josh Hutcherson should know that he is not alone. Many stars in today’s viral age have known the shame of having their nude photos from cell phones or otherwise leak onto the internet. Here are some other stars who have had this issue:

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Scarlett Johansson – A nude photo of Scarlett Johansson from her phone became a huge hit when it leaked last year. Everyone was looking for this hot photo of the actress.

Miley Cyrus – Before you wouldn’t be surprised that she took nude photos of herself, nude pictures of Miley Cyrus leaked onto the web. One was leaked from a series of photos that were meant for her fiancée at the time Liam Hemsworth the other was supposedly from a hotel in Madrid.

Prince Harry – We all remember when those pictures of Prince Harry in Vegas popped up on the web. Apparently Prince Harry was playing strip pool with some girls when the pics were snapped. Regardless he didn’t seem to mind the “scandal”.

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Olivia MunnThe Newsroom actress claims the pictures that were apparently hacked from her cell phone are fake, but many people were believers that they saw Olivia Munn in all her glory.

Chris Brown – An ex-girlfriend leaked a picture of Chris Brown fully naked in 2011. Chris never commented on the pictures and it didn’t seem to faze him at all as he is used to a few scandals.

Christina Aguilera – In 2010, pictures of Christina Aguilera nearly naked were hacked from her stylist’s computer. This was a tough year for Christina Aguilera and these embarrassing pictures of the singer after a night of drinking didn’t help.

Leighton Meester – It wasn’t just photos of Leighton Meester that leaked to the public, but a full sex tape. Luckily for the Gossip Girl star her lawyers put a stop on it so no one else can see the video.

Blake Lively – Before she was Mrs. Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively has a set of nude selfies leaked in 2011 from an iPhone. She swears they are fake, but who knows.

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Vanessa Hudgens – This Disney star had to do some big clean up when photos of her leaked not once, not twice, but three times. Her innocent High School Musical Days were over then.

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