Evangeline Lilly Introduces Her New Storybook at Comic-Con

Although most of us know Canadian actress Evangeline Lilly for her role on Lost, the 34-year-old star has just presented her new children’s book (The Squickerwonkers) to adoring fans at San Diego’s annual Comic-Con. With crowds lined up for her autograph at her first book signing, it seems there are no limits on the number of hats the actress from The Hobbit can wear!

Smiling for the cameras and looking excited, Lilly posed proudly with her latest masterpiece at Comic Con. Joining forces with talented illustrator Johnny Fraser-Allen, the brunette beauty has now realized her childhood dream of having a picture book published. The Squickerwonkers is the dark and mysterious recollection of a misfit family and their quest to find appreciation in a world which is strange to them. No doubt, the star is probably wishing kids (and kids at heart) everywhere will be rushing out to find a copy soon!

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