Satisfaction Star Leah Renee Discusses Getting Dirty For Her First Lead

Satisfaction star Leah Renee, and her on screen alter ego Maggie, may look like sweet model type, but behind the beautiful face is also a fun goofy actress that doesn’t mind getting dirty in the name of comedy. That’s probably a good thing, because in her latest role playing the female lead on Satisfaction Leah Renee not only plays dress up, but has also spent and interesting day filming in a dumpster full of garbage.

“I am naturally a pretty goofy person and I like doing pretty ridiculous things. The show’s been a really great outlet for that. I’ve been able to do lots of things. I wouldn’t necessarily roll around in garbage again though. It took a toll on my hair. They were trying to rinse out the garbage in the sink and then the sink got clogged, then my hair got stuck. Four hours later we were still trying to comb it out. It was kind of a nightmare.”

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In Satisfaction, which premiere’s tonight, Leah Renee plays Maggie, one half of a couple who share an apartment with one of their close friends. She has previous starred in dramatic shows like The Playboy Club and Blue Murder, but she says that she always wanted to star in a sitcom. Leah says that this genre is where her heart lies. Her dream came true when she landed her first ever lead role in Satisfaction, a sitcom.

“I was so ready. I have been in this business for so long that I was like ‘What? You want to give me the lead role! Yes!’ Of course, you get all excited and then you show up the first day and start panicking and thinking ‘Wait a minute, do I actually know what I am doing here.’ You don’t want to let anyone down. It’s a comedy and you feel the pressure to land all of the jokes. The first week was pretty nerve wracking; I’m not going to lie. Then a week into it I would say it all loosened up.”

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Leah alongside with her co-stars Luke Macfarlane (who plays her boyfriend Jason) and Ryan Bellville (their single roommate Mark) get up to all sorts of gags and laughs. Leah says that this odd couple isn’t just going to be making fun of the single friend, because they are true trio.

“There is the odd time that we touch on the inconvenience sometimes of having a buddy live with you when you are in a relationship. So I think sometimes it can be kind of annoying. It’s not the type of situation like You, Me And Dupree… I think that Maggie puts up with the two guys because she genuinely really likes both of them. They are all buddies at the end of the day. Sometimes they can be annoying and they can be frustrating, but she is really a no B.S. kind of girl. She will just tell them how it is, set things straight and then carry on with her day. I think she also finds them entertaining because the three of them do get up to a lot of trouble together.”

Find out what kind of trouble Leah Renee and company get up to on the premiere of Satisfaction tonight at 8 pm on CTV.

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