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MuchMusic Video Awards Predictions

With the MMVA’s set for tonight, Toronto is buzzing with excitement at the list of nominees. At Real Style, we’re looking forward to discovering who the lucky winners will be this year. Since it’s never too early to get into the spirit of things, here’s our list of potential 2013 MMVA champions for a few top categories:

1)      Video of the Year: Nova Scotia rapper Classified has come a long way from his humble beginnings. Born Luke Boyd, his video for Inner Ninja (featuring David Myles) is in the running for top music video of the year. Looking at the deep message, dramatic scenes featuring young children practising karate, and plenty of passionate rhythm from the artist himself, it’s not hard to see why. This video was also just honoured by SOCAN for reaching the top of the charts, so expect big things from Classified.

2)      Favourite Video: We love Hedley’s music video for “Kiss You Inside Out”, with its dramatic plotline featuring a couple who meet during a car crash (a happy accident, if anything!) As the couple’s romance blossoms during the Vancouver-based group’s video, so does our love for the voice and style of lead vocalist Jacob Hoggard.

3)      Favourite Artist or Group: Eternally youthful singer Carly Rae Jepsen has won our hearts with her catchy lyrics, upbeat tunes, and sweet-faced charm. We’re predicting her as a top contender, especially after hit singles like “Tonight I’m Getting Over You” and “This Kiss”. With multiple nominations, she could walk home with the gold on Sunday.

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1)      Hip Hop Video of the Year: Toronto-born rapper Drake has been raking in the nominations for his upbeat video for “Started From The Bottom”. With a scene featuring the former Degrassi star working at Shoppers Drug Mart in a flashback to his youth and a scene of him dancing in the snow next to a white convertible, the video’s contrast is hilarious (and kind of uplifting).

5)      International Video of the Year- Artist: 22-year-old rising British star Ed Sheeran has had a breakthrough year so far, especially with his music video for latest hit “Give Me Love”. With the movie-like scenes (and of course Ed’s great vocals), we think he definitely has a shot in the international category.

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