Blair Underwood and Alan Thicke Help Reveal New Fall Shows

Shaw unveiled their fall schedule for all of their popular stations including Global, History and Food Network with a star-studded presentation that included Blair Underwood, Alan Thicke and Jessalyn Gilsig. We are excited see many of our favourite shows returning this fall including Elementary, Vikings, Survivor, Bones and Glee. Some of the stars of these hits were in Toronto to celebrate their upcoming seasons.

Hawaii Five-O

Unlike so many other reboots, Hawaii Five-O has exceeded expectations as one of the most watched shows. Star Daniel Dae Kim spoke about Hawaii Five-O’s success, “If you look back at the history of reboots and remakes, the track record is spotty. I think the thing about Hawaii Five-O that makes it unique is that it’s a genre that people tend to like… I think it’s familiar. I think it’s comfort food for a lot of viewers.”

Daniel Dae Kim told the crowd that while he loves the action packed scenes where he gets to shoot ‘em up, his favourite part of the show is getting to reveal the softer side of his character. “A lot of people talk about the procedural aspect of our show and the bad guy of the week element of it, but I have to say as an actor my favourite moments are the ones where the character gets to be revealed and the tender vulnerable moments set us aside from other shows.” Hopefully we will get to see more of Daniel Dae Kim’s soft side when Hawaii Five-O returns this fall on Fridays.

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Vikings’ huge ratings have probably surprised some, but thanks to the passionate viewers it is returning. Canadian actress Jessalyn Gilsig spoke to reporters about the upcoming season. Even though Vikings hasn’t started filming yet, she could reveal that “The first episode is really shocking. I feel like what Michael is saying from the get go is that we have this amazing fanbase and everyone loves these characters, but we’re living in a world where your mortality in question every moment of every day and every single one of these characters is expendable. He’s pretty ruthless.”

Jessalyn Gilsig compared the success of this show to her other hit series Glee, saying “When we were filming the pilot for Glee all of us were saying ‘I really like this. I would watch this.’ That doesn’t necessarily mean it will find an audience.” She said she had the same feeling on season on of Vikings and clearly so did the fans. Vikings returns this fall on History to give us a taste of more drama.

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