Devious Maids’ Stars Ana Ortiz and Susan Lucci Discuss The Controversial Show

Women who loved desperate housewives are going to go crazy for Marc Cherry’s new show, Devious Maids, which premieres this weekend! The new show follows the upstairs-downstairs drama of Latino housemaids working for the rich and famous of Beverly Hills. The show stars Susan Lucci, who plays one of the Beverly Hills housewives, and Ana Ortiz, who plays one of the maids. We were lucky enough to talk to these two celebs when they were in Toronto to promote the show!

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The stars explained that all of the characters, whether they are the devious maids or housewives, are full of twists, turns, and surprises, which makes the show so compelling. While the large ensemble cast means that they aren’t featured in every episode, they told us that because the cast is so complex and each character is fully realized, the plot is compelling, dramatic, and funny all at the same time.

Susan Lucci explained that it has something for everyone and is very different from any other show on TV. She informed us that it’s a fresh looking show and a great homage to cultural diversity as the leading cast is five beautiful Latina actresses. “There is funny. There is heart. There is karma. There is sex,” she explained. Sounds like a true Marc Cherry production to us!

Ortiz chimed in to compliment her co-worker. “Susan Lucci is going to knock people’s socks off because she is so hysterically funny.” For Lucci, who broke free from her usual dramatic work, taking on the show was a no-brainer. Simply hearing that Marc Cherry was producing a new show, “it was like um? Yes! I would like to be a part of that!”

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Make sure to tune in this Sunday for the pilot episode for a new dose of drama, deceit, and comedy. The stars promise you won’t be disappointed with the new desperate housewives-esque show as they are pulling out all the stops for another success.

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