5 Things You Didn’t Know About Emma Watson

With Emma Watson’s upcoming appearance in The Bling Ring, we couldn’t help but notice how much the star has evolved as both an actress and style icon since her early days as Hermione. While her brainy, frizzy-haired Harry Potter character will always hold a dear place in our hearts, we’re enjoying her newer roles as well and can’t wait to see her as sticky-fingered and fame-obsessed Nicki in the new flick (coming to theatres on July 5). Here are a few things about Emma Watson which may be news to you:

Loves Nutella on strawberries: The super slim star is also publicly a huge fan of Nutella! In a video which she posted on YouTube the day of her 18th birthday in 2008, Emma describes kicking off celebrations with a bowl of fresh strawberries covered in the nutty chocolate spread.

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Drives a Toyota Prius: That’s right- Hermione is as environmentally conscious as she is academic. The star bought herself the hybrid vehicle in 2009 after passing her driver’s test the year before.

Claims to not be ticklish: In interviews, Emma has stated that she’s not ticklish- and for a good reason. The 23-year-old star has “become immune to it after fighting with her brother so much!”

Was born in Paris: While the brunette beauty may be known for her charming English accent and mannerisms, she was in fact born in France in 1990 to British parents who had settled there. She later relocated to England at the age of five with her brother and mom after her parents divorced.

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Became the youngest ever Teen Vogue cover model: Emma Watson broke records in 2005 when she became the youngest ever cover girl for Teen Vogue at the age of 15. With her soft wavy tresses, neutral makeup, and black and pink corset-waisted dress, she was an early trendsetter even as a teen. 

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