Now You See Me Is A Magical Ride

Head to the movie theatres this weekend, look close and try to figure out the magic and mystery behind Now You See Me. If you don’t want to watch yet another sequel into theatre, Now You See Me is a magical blockbuster alternative that merges magic and heist action led by fast talking Jesse Eisenberg, charismatic Woody Harrelson and brooding Mark Ruffalo.

Now You See Me follows four magicians – Daniel ‘the showboat’ (Eisenberg in his cockiest), Merritt ‘the mentalist’ (Harrelson), Henley ‘the escape artist’ (Isla Fisher) and Jack ‘the newcomer’ (Dave Franco) – as they get mysterious card that leads them all to the same place to see the ultimate magic show plans.

Jump forward one year and their show is opening in Las Vegas. If you’ve seen the preview, you know that the show’s grand finale involves robbing a bank on the other side of the world without leaving the stage. Then the race is on as The Four Horsemen attempt bigger shows and scams while out running FBI agent Dylan Rhodes (Mark Ruffalo) and an ex-magician, Thaddeus Bradley (Morgan Freeman), who wants to reveal their secrets.

We can’t say much more without giving away the magicians’ secrets, but we can say that it is so much fun watching the team pull the wool over everyone’s eyes and score one for the little guy. The movie is set up to keep you on the lookout and on your toes. As the team tries to outwit the police, the audience will also be looking for clues to see how they did it. You are taught step by step how The Four Horsemen pull it off and will be left wondering what they will do next. While you may figure out some of their tricks, we bet you will still be left surprised in the end.

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Now You See Me is the definition of a fun summer hit. It has fast paced action almost consistently from the opening act. The characters are fun and likeable. It’s suitable for any age because really who doesn’t want to believe in a bit of magic? While you may have to suspend your disbelief for a few of the tricks you are going to be awed by Now You See Me. Summer is all about escaping to the theatres for fun big blockbusters and Now You See Me is the perfect alternative to the heavy hitters and could come out as one of this seasons biggest surprise hits.

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