Amanda Bynes Marijuana Scandal Erupts

Amanda Bynes’ drama has gone from bad to worse as she was arrested last night for criminal possession of marijuana, felony tampering with evidence and reckless endangerment.

According to reports the police were called and told that Amanda Bynes was spotted smoking marijuana in the lobby of her building, when the police came to her home and spotted a bong on a table apparently Bynes grabbed the bong and threw it out the window on to the side walk below. According to reports she was taken to Roosevelt Hospital for a psychiatric evaluation before being taken to the police station. Amanda Bynes saw a judge this morning that released her without bail, but set a court date for her that she must attend or risk being arrested again.

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Bynes’ mugshot has now hit tabloids showing her with a shaved head without the long blonde wig she is always seen wearing.

Many stars including the young Justin Bieber have been caught using marijuana without backlash before, but in Amanda Bynes’ case it’s hard not to fear this is only another stepping stone to something worse. From the outside it appears that Amanda Bynes is in a downward spiral as she has been behaving erratically, writing strange things on Twitter and acting out. Even blogger Perez Hilton made a call out for someone to help her get back on track.

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Will this be her wakeup call?

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