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6 Surprising Star Trek Cameos

Star Trek fans are all around the globe, and it seems like no matter where you go you’ll run into someone who loves the television shows and movies.  Even celebrities have gotten into the game and appeared in the series from time to time.  We take a look now at our top 6 favourite celebrities who’ve graced our screens in the series.

Winona Ryder:  Who would have thought that this two time Oscar nominated actress would ever appear in Star Trek?  But she did in J.J. Abrams’ franchise reboot in 2009, and as Spock’s mother nonetheless.  Of course it really shouldn’t be too shocking, after all she also appeared in the Alien Franchise as well.

Jennifer Morrison:  This House and Once Upon a Time actress also appeared in the Abrams’ Star Trek reboot, and like Winona she played one of the iconic character’s mothers.  In this case Kirk’s.  With lineage like Jennifer Morrison and Chris Hemsworth, no wonder Kirk is so good looking.

Christian Slater:  In sixth movie of the Star Trek franchise, Christian Slater made a cameo so small that you would have missed it if you blinked.  But regardless, he was there partly due to his mother being the casting director of the movie, and partly because he was such a huge Star Trek fan.  Did you know that he once shaved his eyebrows as a kid to play Spock on Hallowe’en, only to have them never fully grow back properly?

Kim Cattrall: Before she was gracing the small screen  as Samantha in Sex in the City, Canadian actress Kim Cattrall was crossing the galaxy as Spock’s apprentice in Star Trek 6.  Her role was slightly more than a cameo however, and her character was crucial to the plot.

Kirstie Alley:  You might remember her as Rebecca in Cheers but for millions of Trekkies around the world she will be forever known as the first actress to play the Vulcan Saavik.  She didn’t come back for the two sequels due to fears of being typecast, but we think she did all right for herself.

Kelsey Grammer:  Another Cheers alumni (not to mention it’s spin-off Fraser) who decided to play a role in Star Trek.  In his case he played a ship Captain trapped in a time loop, and appears on screen for only a couple of minutes.

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