5 Things You Didn’t Know About Chris Pine

Chris Pine has recently become Hollywood royalty starring role as Captain Kirk in Star Trek Into Darkness (in theatres this weekend). While he has become recognized for his classic good looks, the 32-year-old star manages to keep up a laidback, easygoing persona despite the glare of the spotlight. Here are a few facts about Chris Pine which may be news to you:

Took longer than average to stop sleeping with a nightlight: It’s hard to picture the fearless Captain Kirk shying away from anything- let alone the dark! However, Chris Pine admitted in an interview with the Associated Press last year that he grew up with a fear of the dark, and slept with a nightlight on until the ripe old age of 24!

Was a self-described nerd growing up: Despite his current pin-up status in Hollywood and extensive female fan base, Chris Pine wasn’t always Mr. Popular. He recently mentioned in a new interview with Men’s Health that he spent some time as a “pimply faced loner” as a teenager before his acting career took off.

Cries easily and isn’t ashamed to admit it: Captain Kirk definitely has a sensitive side, and doesn’t try to hide it when he’s off screen! The same interview mentions how the emotional actor will let the waterworks run while with his girlfriend, or at a sad movie.

Has a degree in English: Chris Pine is more than a handsome face- he also graduated from UC Berkeley where he studied English. He later went on to study acting in England, preparing himself for the challenges of Hollywood roles from the get go.

Friends with Zachary Quinto before becoming co-stars: Although Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto have spent countless hours together filming both Star Trek flicks, IGN reported in 2009 that the two were apparently friends from before and met one day while at the same gym. Hollywood is a small world, after all!

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