Alex Pettyfer And Gus Van Sant Film Fifty Shades Of Grey Bid

Rumours have been buzzing for months now on who will be working on the sexy film adaptation of Fifty Shades Of Grey. News has opened up even more possibilities to who will be working on the movie. According to reports, Magic Mike star Alex Pettyfer worked with Gus Van Sant to shoot a sex scene from Fifty Shades Of Grey as a bid for the movie.

According to The Wrap, Van Sant enlisted Alex Pettyfer to help him get the role as director. Since he hasn’t been asked to pitch the studio, it’s clear he really wants to direct. They say the pair filmed the first sex scene between Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele for their pitch.

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According to sources Alex Pettyfer isn’t using this tape as a pitch for himself to star as Christian Grey, but after his steamy scenes in Magic Mike, he could be perfect for the role! Especially if Gus Van Sant gets the directors spot, the pair have already had experience bringing the book to life. We will continue waiting patiently to see what comes of this.

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