Grimm’s Sasha Roiz Interview

Sasha Roiz returns to TV tonight for the second half of Grimm’s season 2, which airs on NBC at 9pm. We’ve had to wait months for our favourite Friday night indulgence to return to TV, and tonight’s episode promises to be the most racy and explosive Grimm experience we’ve had yet. In fact, the episode is even called “Face Off.” Need we say more? The mid-season cliffhanger left us wondering what was about to happen now that Nick (David Giuntoli) has discovered that his girlfriend Juliette (Bitsie Tulloch) is having an affair with Roiz’ character, Captain Sean Renard. Now we know: The two men will battle it out tonight in an epic showdown, before Captain Renard and Juliette completely succumb to their mutual attraction. Real Style talked exclusively to Canadian actor Roiz about his Montreal roots, Grimm’s exciting second season and the love scene that required a stunt coordinator (seriously).

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Real Style: We met you at the People’s Choice after-party.
Sasha Roiz: Yes, I remember!

RSN: You grew up in Montreal.
SR: Yes, I grew up in the West Island. I was born in Israel and we moved to Montreal when I was six.

RSN: Has it already been determined on Grimm that the Royals are human?
SR: I think it has been revealed. My character’s background is that he’s a Royal, but he’s a bastard. His mother is a Royal, so that’s the creature side of it.

RSN: For the return of Grimm, you and Nick get into a brawl.
SR: It’s the opening episode, which is this Friday [March 8]. There’s a big brawl. We left off with that cliffhanger where he discovers that I’m the other man that his girlfriend is having an affair with. He also uncovers the fact that I’ve been hiding my true nature from him this whole time. We definitely have an altercation and we’ll see how it plays out.

RSN: Bitsie who plays Juliette said there’s a sex scene in season two that’s so intense it required a stunt double and hours of rehearsal, which Grimm has not yet done.
SR: True.

RSN: That’s not a fair answer!
SR: It’s a pretty volatile sexual scene because both of us are overwhelmed by this spell that’s taken over, and we can’t seem to resist each other. We’re fighting the temptation at every turn, but it’s always getting the best of us. You see the culmination of that in that scene.

RSN: What would you need a stunt coordinator for?
SR: Exactly, right? Well, it gets violent at times. It’s very aggressive because we’re both trying to resist each other. There’s a whole physical element to it.

RSN: Grimm has a dedicated fan base. Why do you think it’s so loved by fans?
SR: I think it’s due to our producers who have a distinguished pedigree and they come to the show with quite the repetoire of other cult favourites like Buffy and Angel and so on. And partly because we’re a nice balance that hasn’t really been explored before — the balance between the procedural coupled with the supernatural, and we bring this whole mythological element to it. Somehow they found a really creative balance that appeals to the viewers.

RSN: Either fans love your character or hate you. What is the general feedback from fans about Renard?
SR: They either love you or hate you, which I think is really the best way, because at least they’re not apathetic. They have an investment in the show and the character. It moves them in one way or another. I’m happy with what they’ve written for me and how they’ve explored and developed the character so far. You really get a sense of who he is. It’s been a lot of fun, especially in the second season where you get a full sense of the character. He’s more than just this guy in a suit standing around a brooding. He’s got a whole agenda and back story that people are starting to sympathize with.

RSN: There have always been lots of Canadians in Hollywood, but it seems like we have even more than ever in LA right now.
SR: There’s a great expat community here that’s really tight, like with Castle. We’re friends. I’ve worked on their show. [Canadians] instantly understand each other.

How often do you get back to Montreal?
About once a year, sometimes twice, but [my family] come down too, so we see each other or we meet somewhere in the middle. We’re very close, but it’s not always easy with my schedule. I’m on the other side of the country and we shoot nine months of the year, so it’s difficult for me to get away.

There you go readers, nice to see home grown Canadian talent be a part of a hit show. When Sasha is not filming you can find him talking to his followers on twitter here.  Alas, ladies we didn’t find out if he was married, but we did see him with a lovely and tall brunette at the People’s Choice Awards in LA in January.

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