Emilia Clarke’s Broadway Appearance Causes Frenzy

Despite the fact that we have all seen her strip down on Games Of Thrones for two seasons, Emilia Clarke apparently caused a frenzy on Broadway when she appeared naked in Breakfast At Tiffany’s this week.

Emilia Clarke is currently starring as Holly Golightly in the new Broadway adaptation of the classic story and the crowd went wild when she appeared on stage naked for one scene. In the scene, Emilia Clarke removes a towel and steps into a tub. While the bubbles in the tub stop you from seeing everything it was enough to cause commotion in the crowd. People in the crowd even pulled out their cell phones to snap pictures during the play.

Now the show has security to stop viewers from taking pictures during Emilia’s performance.

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With Game Of Thrones season 3 beginning in just a few weeks this comes at perfect timing to generate buzz for the show. Anyone who has watched the first two seasons of Games Of Thrones though shouldn’t be so shocked about seeing Emilia Clarke in various stages of undress. If you recall season 1 ended with a show of Emilia wearing nothing but a few well placed dragon babies to cover herself.

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